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ABELMechanical diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, and high pressure plunger pumps, designed to handle solids, abrasives, and aggressive and shear sensitive media


Aeration Industries - Surface Aerators, mixers, mounting solutions & accesories, rental aeration, retrofits and supplemental aeration


Aerisa - Odor Ogor, AerSupply, AerDuct, Model 5000 Series (Five Tube), Model 2000 Series (Two Tube), Model 1000 Series (Single Tube), AerBreeze, Duct Mounted Ion Sensor


Andritz - Decanter centrifuges, Disc and Drum filters, Filter Centrifuges, Filter Presses, Screens, Drains, Separators , Thickeners and Flocculent Systems, Belt, Drum and Fluid Bed dryers, Contact and paddle dryers


Brentwood Industries – PVC Trickling Filter Media, AccuFAS™ Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge systems, PVC Tube and Plate settlers for increased clarification capacity


Cementech – Lime sludge stabilization systems for Class A and Class B biosolids


Chemineer – Mixers, agitators, KENICS static mixers, in-line mechanical mixers


Corken (IDEX) - Rotary vane pumps, regenerative turbine, mixed phase, liquified gas pumps, rotary vane pumps for methanol


Duall Division of MetPro – Odor control systems, standard and low profile, air strippers and aerators


Duryea Technologies -  Compressor drives, hydraulic pump drives, MODE power system, power electronics, alternators, electric supercharger


Eagle Microsystems – Chemical feed scales, chlorine residual analyzers, dry chemical feeders


Electrolytic Technologies – Klorigen on-site commercial strength sodium hypochlorite and chlorine gas generation systems


FKC Co., Ltd. – Screw press thickening, dewatering and Class A biosolids process


Flowserve – Fluid Sealing Division - mechanical seals for pumps and mixers. pusher, bellows, cartridge and split seals


Flux – Drum and container pumps


Flygt A-C Pumps, a Xylem Brand - Non-clog sewage, water, and wastewater pumps - dry-pit pumps for Wastewater Influent, Final Effluent and Sludge pumping. Large Split Case, Axial Flow Column and Centrifugal pumps. Flood Control and Power Plant Cooling Pumps.


Gas Mastrrr – Chemical induction feeder mixers, vacuum induction flash mixers, control panels


Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem Brand – Centrifugal end suction, multistage, self-priming, submersible in stainless steel and cast iron, Aquavar pump control systems, vertical turbine pumps.


Grindex – Submersible sludge pumps and dewatering pumps.



Harmsco Filtration Products – Cartridge filter water treatment systems


Headworks, Inc – Mahr® Bar Screen, EliminatorT Band Screen, Perforator® Screen, spiral screen, drum screen, compactors and washers


Headworks BIO – IFAS and MBBR advanced biological treatment systems, Modular HIT complete wastewater treatment system


ITT A-C Pumps – Potable water, split case, end-suction, vertical, extended shaft and self-priming pumps


ITT Goulds Pumps - Industrial centrifugal pumps; ANSI, split case, non-clog, slurry, self priming, submersible, sealless mag-drive, cantilever, low-flow, non-metallic, vertical turbine


ITT PRO Services – Complete service and repair of all brands of pumps and rotating equipment, engineered upgrades, field service, vibration analysis, laser alignment


ITT ProCast– Complete service and repair of all brands of pumps and rotating equipment, engineered upgrades, field service, vibration analysis, laser alignment.


ITT PumpSmart® Process Systems – Control solutions for single pump or multi pump variable speed operation.


Jim Myers and Sons – Flocculators, material handling, conveying, and grit removal systems


John Crane – Mechanical seals for pumps and mixers. pusher, bellows, cartridge and split seals, packing, sheet gaskets, high performance couplings


Johnson Screens – High capacity surface water intake screen systems


KSB – Wet-pit, dry-pit, recessed impeller and axial flow submersible pumps, submersible mixers, non-clog sewage and grit pumps


Mass Transfer Systems – Custom engineered jet aeration and jet mixing systems


Methanol (Supplemental Carbon) Systems – Fabricated custom skid mounted methanol/supplemental carbon feed and metering systems including pumps, pipe, valves, fittings and controls for biological denitrification processes/reactors.


MicroPump - Very low flow magnetic and direct motor driven gear and centrifugal pumps, non-metallic and high alloy materials


MJK – Level, pressure and flow measurement systems and pump controllers


Moyno – Progressing cavity pumps, HS cake pump systems, Annihilator and pipeline grinders


NEFCO – Stamford baffle for clarifier hydraulic optimization, weir covers for odor/voc control


Polychem Systems/ NRG Systems – Non-metallic chain and flight collector systems


Pulsafeeder – Pulsa Series, Pulsa Pro, PULSAR®, and HypoPump® - Metering pumps and accessories, integrated packaged systems for chemical and metering handling, and Eclipse™ non-metallic magnetic drive gear pumps

Pulsafeeder – Pulsatron, Chem-Tech and Mec-O-Matic - Metering pumps and accessories


Pulsafeeder – ISOChem - Magdrive gear and centrifugal pumps


Pulsafeeder ECO and Eastern - Gear and centrifugal pumps


Regal Chlorinators, Inc. – Gas Chlorinators, Sulphonators, Ammoniators and Accessories


Singer Valves– Automatic control valves for water, offering solutions for control of flow, pressure, back pressure level, surges, and pump systems


Spencer Turbine- Power Mizer multi-stage, AyrJet Turbo, and multistage centrifugal blowers.  Digester gas boosters, Gas Cube natural gas skids, Compost blowers, Vortex regenerative blowers, D.O. control systems


SK Systems – Custom packaged pumping systems, standard line of light fuel oil pump sets and heavy fuel oil pump and heater sets, chemical feed and metering skid mounted pump and control systems


SPIRAC – Screw conveyors, high solids conveyors, vertical material transfer and grit/screening washers


Swaby Lobeline – Heavy duty rotary lobe sludge pumps


Ultraflote – Aluminum geodesic domes and formed flat covers


Unison Solutions - Biogas cleaning for cogeneration systems and CNG vehicle fuel stations / H2S and Siloxane removal.


Verder - Peristaltic, tube and hose, pumps for transfer and chemical metering, chemical feed systems.


Versamatic (IDEX) - Air operated double diaphragm pumps and accessories


Vertiflo - Vertical immersion, vertical cantilever, end suction


Viking (IDEX) - Internal gear, external gear, magnetic drive, sanitary, rotary lobe, in-line strainers, power load monitors


Warren Rupp – Sandpiper® (IDEX) - Air operated double diaphragm pumps, PoweRupp ® motorized diaphragm pumps, ball and flap type check valve designs, industrial and sanitary designs


WEDECO- Ultra-Violet (UV) and Ozone disinfection systems for potable water and wastewater.


WesTech Engineering (Wastewater) – Clarifiers, COP clarifiers, Oxystream oxidation ditches, STM aerotor, thickeners, DAF, rotary distributors, grit systems, fine and channel screens, continuous backwash sand filters


WesTech Engineering (Water) -  General Filter/ Microfloc - Adsorption Clarifiers, Solids Contact Clarifiers, Aerators, Gravity Filters, Pressure Filters, Package Water Treatment Plants


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